Sugar Glider: Profile & Caring

Sugar Glider

Keeping Sugar Gliders as a pet legal?


Sugar gliders are illegal in many states, including Hawaii, Alaska, and California. But even if they are allowed in your state, you should make sure they are legal locally. In some places, a permit is required to keep them. The best way to find out if you are allowed to have a sugar glider is to check the USDA APHIS website for the laws where you live.


Many experts believe that sugar gliders, being very social animals that need lots of activities, a large habitat, and lots of companionships, do not make good pets because they believe that the animals suffer and can develop depression if their needs are not adequately met.

Factors to consider

Can you provide the right environment? Do you have a large enough space to provide a large enough enclosure? Are you financially and time-wise able to adopt two sugar gliders so your pet is never alone? Are you close to a veterinarian who is knowledgeable about these exotic marsupials so you can provide proper medical care? These are all things to think about before getting a pet.

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