5 Popular E-Commerce Products To Be Sold Online By 2022

E-Commerce Products

The e-commerce industry is booming.

Almost anything you can imagine can be bought online and delivered to your door. It’s a great time to be a consumer.

You can take advantage of this opportunity and start an online shop practically anywhere with an internet connection. Technology has made it easier than ever for consumers to shop, but it’s also easier than ever to start an online business.

Using in-depth research and trend analysis, I’ve compiled a list of five popular products you can sell online in 2022. Use this guide as inspiration for your e-commerce store.


When most people think of selling products online, they automatically think of new gadgets or everyday products for use at home. Or they try to think of something innovative that would solve a common problem.

However, it seems that people rarely think about selling food.

Consumers buy everything else online, so why not food? It’s something everyone uses every day.

Look at the current and projected growth of online grocery sales in the US alone.

By 2021, experts predict it will be a $30 billion industry.

What’s more, the online food and beverage industry is growing at 18% year on year.

Although the majority of grocery shopping is still done in physical stores, e-commerce for groceries is the trend of the future. So it’s a good opportunity to jump on board before the market becomes too saturated.

The possibilities are seemingly endless. You can sell everything from snacks to produce, ready meals, and pre-packaged foods.

Ultimately, there’s a lot of money to be made in this business if you can find the right niche. Make sure you are familiar with the legal side of selling food online, as the rules are different from selling other products.

Electric scooters

If you live near a major US city, you’ve probably seen an increase in the use of electric scooters in recent years.

Depending on the region, this trend seems to have taken over the streets and sidewalks.

Companies such as Bird, Lime, and Razor are pioneering scooter ridesharing. Even bigger names like Uber and Lyft have entered the e-scooter market.

The idea of ride-sharing scooters is amazing.

Riders simply use a mobile app to find and launch a scooter. Then they drive to their destination and park it anywhere. They are charged according to usage and everything is done through the mobile app.

As this trend is becoming more popular, it seems that more and more people are looking to own electric scooters, rather than simply using ride-sharing options.

In 2018, around 44 million electric scooters and electric bikes were sold worldwide. By 2021, this figure is expected to reach 50 million.

That’s because high-quality products can be sold at a higher price.

Studies show that the average price of an electric scooter is around $300. But some high-end models can sell for more than double that.


Jewelry is another product category with seemingly endless possibilities for online sales.

You can cater to men, women, children, and teenagers, offering high-quality diamonds, low-quality rings, and everything in between. There are so many possibilities for products and audiences in this industry.

Plus, you can even make jewelry by hand. Over 2 million pieces of handmade jewelry are sold on Etsy.

According to Shopify, e-commerce accounts for only 4-5% of all jewelry sales worldwide. By 2023, however, the figure is expected to be 10-15%.

What does this mean? Jewelry, like most products, will start to move towards e-commerce. There is so much room for growth in this product category in the coming years.

Digital courses and learning materials

You don’t always have to sell physical products in your online shop. You can also sell digital products, such as e-books or e-learning courses.

This is another booming industry.

According to Forbes, the value of e-learning will reach $325 billion by 2025.

There are so many potential customers here too. 77% of US businesses use e-learning tools. E-learning increases the speed of learning by up to 60%.

If you’re good at something, take advantage of it. Teach others how to do what you do best.

Produce content such as blogs, e-books, and videos. Then sell these digital products online.

The best part is the low overheads. Your only costs are website maintenance, transaction processing, and your time. Everything else is pure profit.


E-Commerce Products

The market for drones is divided into two categories.

  • Consumer
  • Commercial

There is a military category, but it is not relevant to e-commerce.

While you might be tempted to target your audience as ordinary people who want to fly a drone in their neighborhood, you might also want to consider the commercial market. Take a look at how commercial drones have grown over the years.

By 2025, the global commercial drone market is expected to grow by around 700%. Now is the time to seize this trend and get your share of the action.

You can still reach consumers too. The personal drone market share dominates 94% of the market. However, it only accounts for 40% of total revenues because commercial telegraphs are generally priced higher.

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